Inauguration MAP Berlin & Talk by Rebecca Kukla (Englisch)

July 06, 2018 - 18:30-21:00
Invalidenstraße 110, 10115 Berlin

On July 6, 2018 we are hosting an open discussion on the question „What can we do to make academic philosophy more accessible and more enjoyable?“ and a talk by Rebecca Kukla (Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University and Senior Research Scholar at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics) on “The Social Epistemology of Maps”.

Everyone is invited to come and participate.

Please read and respect our guidelines.

The event will be in English. If you wish to attend but do not speak English, please contact us in advance at

Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Lautsprache statt. Wenn Teilnahme erwünscht, aber keine Englisch-Kenntnisse vorhanden, bitte Kontakt mit uns aufnehmen:

Building info:

  • The building has an elevator.
  • The building closes at 9:00 pm. That means that for our event, please be on time and leave the building after the event finishes.

Bathroom info:

  • For Disabled People (Gender-Neutral):
    • 1st floor
    • Door: 84cm wide.
    • Space in front of the washroom: 197x136 cm2.
    • Space on the right next to the toilet: 55x60 cm2.
    • Space on the left next to the toilet: 85x60 cm2.
    • Handholds on both sides.
    • Toilet seat height: 52 cm.
  • Able-bodied (Women): On every floor.
  • Able-bodied (Men): On every floor
  • Queer: We are sorry we cannot provide gender-neutral bathrooms. Please use the bathroom you are most comfortable with. If you decide to use the bathroom for disabled people, please give disabled people priority, and please do not occupy this room for longer than necessary.